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Beauty, nature and the traditions of rural life are the driving force of our creativity and inspire a fashion that expresses our special way of life.

VON DÖRNBERG – MUNICH creates authentic fashion for every occasion: elegant pieces for festive evenings, easy going for every day, and chic for business wear. Traditional Loden from Austria, authentic tweed from Scotland and special knits from Italy – only the best fabrics from all over the world are used to craft the unique garments.

Every outfit is a statement: sophisticated, subtle and elegant without being pretentious. The ready-to-wear collections of coats, jackets and blazers embody the European lifestyle with a deep devotion to nature:
a unique look for the elegant woman and man from the city to the countryside.

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VON DÖRNBERG – MUNICH garments embody
the distinctive fusion of German tradition and
cosmopolitan looks. The design is deeply rooted in and
inspired by Alpine Trachten and German cavalry-wear
and balances a nonchalant elegance with the rugged
beauty of structured fabrics. 

A strong focus on premier tailoring, in house master
pattern makers, specialized seamstresses and handmade
garment production made solely in Germany allow for the
use of all natural fabrics to ensure beauty, comfort
and perfect fit.

Benefiting from the German Master Guild System,
VON DÖRNBERG – MUNICH works with some
of the highest skilled master tailors and
seamstresses worldwide.

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VON DÖRNBERG – MUNICH’s innovative design fuses contemporary influences with timeless silhouettes and traditional elements to create a fashion philosophy of its own.

Each unique garment represents the company’s innovative know-how to process natural fibers with advanced material refinement techniques and a distinct expertise to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern customer demands.

The family company's focus on quality and value allows for a highly localized and quality-driven process of creation in Germany with detail to sustainable and natural resources.

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VON DÖRNBERG - MUNICH believes in a sustainable lifestyle and takes great care to minimize waste at every step of production by using only high quality resources and focusing on sustainable business fundamentals.

It strengthens and develops German master tailoring and international artistry in favor of a business philosophy, which focuses on investment, preservation and inheritance of value and lasting craftsmanship.
VON DÖRNBERG - MUNICH is not a brand, it's a passionate promise for sustainable quality, an unobtrusive sign of style and the result of the finest German craftsmanship.
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More than thirty years ago, Susanne von Dörnberg, horse breeder and passionate nature lover, created an exclusive fashion house that soon became one of the most successful in Germany and a favorite amongst those in the know. Born and raised in Germany, Susanne has been the head designer and creative director of the company since day one and her authenticity is deeply entrenched in VON DÖRNBERG’s world. 

It all started with Susanne dreaming about a traditional Loden garment like her husband’s hunting jacket, but with a more female silhouette and a distinct softness for comfortable daily use. By combining the silhouette and fit of her father’s military jacket and the traditional looks and weathered Loden of her husband’s much used hunting jackets, she created a innovative new class of daily wear that soon became iconic for VON DÖRNBERG – MUNICH.

In the late 2000’s, Julius von Dörnberg, Susanne's beloved son, took the role of CEO. Susanne still continues to head the design. The second generation of the family business honors its heritage by producing garments of the highest quality and style, with a distinctive German flair and international appeal. In addition to fashion, the passion of the family applies to horse breeding, equestrian sports and country life.


Picture: Founder and Creative Director Susanne von Dörnberg with her daughter Jessica and her son Julius, (the current CEO of the company) in the Alps with their traditional Roßknecht Loden jackets, which later became the signature jacket of the company.

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