CAPE Iceland

890,00 €
VAT and EU-Shipment included

Product details

Our CAPE Iceland is made from Italian Doubleface-wool combined with a high percentage of finest cashmere.This soft fabric is easy to wear and it warms in fresher seasons.

The Doubleface-wool is produced in a complex process in which two different fabrics are sewn into a single layer of the highest quality and unique appearance.

CAPE Iceland is unlined, has the same inside color pattern from the outside and is decorated with high-quality silver metal closures as well as black suede trimmings on the arm slots.

Colors available

  • black, gray and white color pattern (outside and inside)

Fabric composition

  • Outer fabric: 80% Virgin Wool, 20% Cashmere

Fabric description

Austrian Doubleface-wool:

Due to an elaborated manufacturing process, our Doubleface-wool made from the purest Virgin Wool allows the combination of two colors in a single layer of fabric with the highest quality.

This special fabric combines the versatile properties of wool with a fluffy surface of cashmere and can be easily worn to any outfit.